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Moonshine Rebels – The Project

Paul Sudlow and Sam McGrady are both founder members of Run Out The Guns (ROTG), an electro/acoustic band from Manchester, who’s repertoire is influenced by Celtic tradition, folk songs and a love of authentic, real music. Both have been involved in playing music for many years, professionally and for the sheer enjoyment of writing and performing.


In the spring of 2017 they were introduced to producer Paul “Pash” Hutchinson through ROTG’s  drummer Norman Cooke. The initial plan was to collaborate with Pash on a follow up to ROTG‘s critically acclaimed “Powder and Shot” album, released in 2014.

With insufficient funds to support a full band venture, Paul and Sam decided to record an EP style demo with Pash as a separate project. As they had also played for a number of years as a duo, (occasionally under the name Moonshine Rebels), “The Moonshine Rebels Project” was born.


From the start they wanted to involve the other members of ROTG’s and also ensure a more balanced mixture of traditional tracks and their own compositions. Work started in March 2017 with pre-production demos in Sam’s small home studio. They chose 6 x tracks which were then recorded at Pash’s North West Recording Studios, near Chorley, Lancashire.


After hearing the quality of the finished EP, they both determined to continue with the project and create a full 13 x track album recording.

The finished album is a compelling alternative to dusty refrains, with distinctly original songs and stories that tell the tales of murder, saucy robberies, life at rock bottom, and a homage to every live music venue they’ve ever played typified by the eponymous ‘Bonnie’s Cafe Bar’ … All of which being interlaced with stomping jigs, reels and music for the soul…